Paper Wrapping. Open and Reclosure.

Paper and film packaging on one and the same packaging machine

Packaging products in paper is in vogue. The demand for alternative packaging materials is increasing and more and more customers are interested in sustainable packaging in paper for a variety of reasons. The good thing about this is that Kallfass has solutions at the ready that can be used immediately and can meet the customers' requirements straight away. Because on packaging machines from Kallfass, packaging materials made of both paper and film can be processed reliably into bags or sleeves.

For over 50 years, Kallfass Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has been offering complete solutions for packaging in film and, with its high level of system solution expertise, has played a major role in shaping the technological developments of film packaging machines and shrink tunnels over the past decades. The result - state of the art packaging systems for primary and secondary packaging for a wide variety of product areas, which reliably pack for customers all over the world around the clock.

                                              Papers and films can be processed on packaging machines from Kallfass

However, packaging machines from Kallfass not only process films made from fossil or recycled materials, but also the still relatively new packaging materials based on cellulose, i.e. papers. In order to make paper a successful packaging material, Kallfass is working on the packaging solution of the future and is contributing its know-how acquired over decades and its entire technology in the form of different packaging machines to the development of future-proof packaging papers. The declared goal: perfect packaging in paper. The advantages of paper packaging are obvious, because paper as a packaging material is considered sustainable and environmentally friendly and can be directly and conveniently fed into the recycling economy, which has been established for years, via waste paper. High recycling rates are guaranteed.

                                                  Kallfass supports the development of sustainable packaging papers

The papers currently available on the market deliver impressive and promising packaging results, even though their development is still in its infancy. These can be reliably processed on Kallfass packaging machines into bags and sleeves. Whether used on 2-side sealing machines such as the Servo Packer series or banding machines of the Super Wrap series, small to large products and light to medium-weight products are securely packaged in pouches. Predestined for e-commerce applications, such as on the fully automatic Logi Wrap Paper packaging machine with automatic bag size adjustment.

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