Why Kallfass?

Four reasons to decide for Kallfass

Innovations setting standards

Development and design with the Swabian inventive flair and attention to detail – put into large-scale practice – our mechanical and electrical experts have a whole building at their disposal. Their wide-ranging, in-depth experience, above all in the handling of the most diverse products, enables them to translate our customers’ problems into marketable results or special, individualised solutions.

Free rotating wear free counter seal bar

(Registered design)

Frequently replacing the silicon strip is obsolete. Setting up time is dramatically reduced.

Wheel / Knife-Combination

(patent-no. EP 10224360.3)

For fully closed sealing seams when processing multilayer, eradiated (electronically cross linked) co-polymere films. The continuous motion sealing system consists of a combination of sealing wheel and cutting knife.

Seal bar with exchangeable sealing ledge

Available in different profiles to produce excellent sealing seams depending on product and film. Can be exchanged easily.

Uptime of our machines

The uptime level of our machines stands at more than 98.5 % even with multi-shift operation! We only use high quality parts of suppliers with proven reputation. Our quality management system ensures that we achieve our high quality goals.

Service and Support

Minimised production cuts - our Service.

Branches in Ratingen near Düsseldorf as well as our head office in Nürtingen near Stuttgart form the nodal points of the Kallfass service network. Emergency telephone help is just the beginning.
When it is really important, our highly experienced technicians set all wheels in motion to ensure that packaging operations run smoothly.

At home worldwide

We deliver shrink wrapping machines including full-service throughout the world. Agencies and sales partners located in all centers of commerce worldwide ensure an intensive dialog with our customers.

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