Kallfass shrink wrap machines are packing sweets all over the world: Premium shrink wrapping for confectionery

Folienverpackungsmaschinen von Kallfass verpacken Süßes auf der ganzen Welt


Film packaging for sweets, candies, chocolate etc. must be above all perfect! Best barely visible, with razor-thin sealing seams, the wrapping should accentuate the packaging design and achieve a better result at POS. Kallfass film packaging machines are the best choice for packing premium confectionary and pralines with bottom overlap-seal and ionisation (forming shoe machines).

Folienüberlappung an der Unterseite des Produktes mit Ionisierung

Bottom overlap-seal with ionisation

The ideal type of packaging for praline boxes or similar products: due to ionisated film overlap, product information at the bottom of the box is still easy to read. Additional benefits: 2 product side faces remain without sealing seam and this kind of shrinkwrapping machine has no waste film take-up winder.

Here some real-life examples:

ROSES Konfekt von Cadbury Schweppes Pty. Ltd, Tasmanien

ROSES confectionery from Cadbury Schweppes Pty. Ltd, Tasmanien

Due to sophisticated film sealing and tunnel execution, even difficult shapes like this triangular boxes can be shrinkwrapped to acheave a visually appealing impression.

ALTOIDS saure Drops im Promotion Folienpack

ALTOIDS in promotion filmpack

Kinnerton Confectionery Company Ltd. famous british sweets as promotional trading packs. Due to its facility for converting, the UNIVERSA 500 is the ideal film packaging machine for various shapes and collation types.

Nestlé GOPLANA in Polen

Nestlé GOPLANA in Poland

Praline boxes wrapped in shrink film with razor-thin and accurately placed sealing seams - even if high performance is required. The fully-automatic continuous-motion high-performance packaging line SERVO JET 500 is the best choice.

GOLDKENN Barren aus der Schweiz

GOLDKENN bars from Switzerland

Famous chocolate delicacies in distinctive design. Kallfass film packaging machines can skin-tight shrink even products with such difficult contours.

HAZER BABA aus der Türkei

HAZER BABA from Turkey

Turkish sweets in an appealing wooden box. The shrinkwrapping prevents unauthorized removal and the sweets keep longer their fine flavour.

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