Perfection is our goal

Packaging must be perfect

After all, that's what interests our customers at the final stage. That’s also what our many years of experience tell us and what our market research endorses too. The fact that the result has to be just right applies not only to transport packaging, but equally to that used for display purposes. The requirements may differ in each case, but we meet them in full every time. One hundred percent. That is our philosophy. And it has brought us success throughout the world.

Customer-focused machine concepts

Ease of maintenance, good accessibility, lack of wear and tear – factors impacting decisively on technical reliability and cost of ownership levels. We know how a packaging machine needs to be designed and use only high-quality brand components. In this way, the functionality is right, the availability is incomparably high and the quality is of course certified. And what is practically just as important – flexibility. This is obviously demonstrated when a format change can be carried out quickly without specialist staff, thus keeping our customers’ productivity at a high level on a daily basis.

Technical edge providing for enhanced productivity

Packaging technologies from Kallfass are leading. Central components such as our sealing systems are further developed by us on an ongoing basis. In the case of our fully automatic machines, they are permanently heated and maintenance-free. State-of-the-art developments for minimised cost of ownership – the maintenance-free, freely rotating, design-protected lower seal bar roller free of wear parts. Our innovative, patented wheel / knife system for side sealing machines meets the toughest quality requirements for side seams even at very high packaging speeds or extreme product heights.