Full service from Kallfass

Our service minimised production downtimes

Branches in Ratingen near Düsseldorf as well as our head office in Nürtingen near Stuttgart form the nodal points of the Kallfass service network.
Immediate telephone aid is just the beginning. When it is really important, our highly experienced technicians set all wheels in motion to ensure that packaging operations run smoothly. The uptime level of our machines stands at more than 98.5 % even with multi-shift operation.

 We assure

  • individual maintenance contracts
  • full service provided to the furthest corners of the world
  • Kallfass spare parts supplied for a minimum of 10 years

To reach the Kallfass service team

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To reach us

Monday - Thursday07.30 - 12.00 am and 12.45 - 4.00 pm
Friday 07.30 - 12.00 am
Phone+49 (0) 7022 607 109
Fax+49 (0) 7022 607 150