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Responsible use of natural resources and environmentally friendly business practices are highly valued at Kallfass. In the last few years the potential for more sustainability in business operations and processes has been consequently calculated and partly realised with high investment in environmentally friendly solutions that conserve resources.

Kallfass produced 42 % of its power requirement itself in 2010

Both of the combined heat and power plants that were put into operation in 2009 are working superbly. Here's the "energy" review and results for 2010:

  • 42 % of the power consumed was produced by Kallfass itself in combined heat and power plants.
  • Power is generated wherever it is needed. This means very significant savings in primary energy, without the well-known process losses when generating power in nuclear plants.
  • Energy production in CHPs is also very effective with an efficiency factor of over 90 % thanks to the combination of heat and power generation!
  • The combination of heat and power generation also means considerably less CO² emissions and is therefore also subsidised by the state.
  • Almost 20 % of the power generated at Kallfass could even be fed back into the public utilities grid and remunerated as excess capacity.

40 % primary energy savings = 60 tonnes less CO² emission/year

Thanks to the investment in new roof insulation we are assuming a primary energy saving of roughly 40 % with almost 60 tonnes of reduced CO² emissions per year when heating the building in future.

The investment in a photovoltaic system was also considered as an alternative at Kallfass. However, we decided on the energy saving measure although the photovoltaic system would have been the more interesting investment economically. For the Kallfass Management Board though, energy saving with considerably reduced CO² emissions was the focus when considering sustainability.

The photovoltaic system of course remains an option for future investments in increased sustainability.

Sustainability is also important to us in the operation of our shrink wrapping machines

We know that sustainable production processes are also incredibly important to our customers. Therefore we want to support the use of Kallfass machines with the most sound knowledge possible about polymer packaging materials. We have already been looking into the use of bio-films on our machines for some time. We are testing biodegradable and compostable types of films as well as biopolymer films from sustainable renewable resources.

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