Procter & Gamble (WELLA Hünfeld) invests in hairspray can packaging at Kallfass

The continuous film packing line UNIVERSA 500 SERVO with innovative Servo-control motion controller and vertically oriented sealing bar.

Folienverpacken von Haarspraydosen : vertikal angeordneter Schweißstempel schafft minimal kleinen Folienbeutel

Two different arrangements of Hair Spray cans (2x3 and 4x3 cans) both with a capacity of 35 pieces per minute were packed in PE Film. A considerably high package with a comparatively small footprint poses a challenge for any packing machine. It was also known that those with a standard machine stood to gain nothing rewarding. Conditional on the product’s geometry was an unreasonably large film bag.

And just as important: only with a continual filmpacking machine without STOP and GO could the relatively unstable Hairspray trays be packaged in film according the demanded performance specifications. A solution for the client’s demands of production guarantee and minimal film requirements was needed. A promise lay near: a Kallfass UNIVERSA 500 SERVO with a vertically oriented sealing bar became the winning solution for the WELLA group. 

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