Autumn trade shows 2009 prove successful: FACHPACK in Nürnberg and Pack Expo in Las Vegas

At both trade shows, visitor attendance was much higher than expected. Kallfass focused fully on innovative products.

"Innovation pur!" auf dem Fachpack Messestand in Nürnberg

“Pure Innovation!” Was the motto under which Kallfass stood this year at the Fachpack trade show. On display in their booth was a consistent display of newly developed machines. The companies well known lines stayed at home this year as they showed off their newer developments.

In front of the background of the present tense economic situation, Innovation and new concepts come to take on a new meaning. Many of our customers are currently in the process of restructuring, increasing efficiency of production processes, and some are even setting up anew.  Here are innovative machine concepts especially called into question, to always be stepping forward making increases in production efficiency possible. Sustainability is in this context an equally important landmark for modern enterprises, as well as the sparce use of resources.

With the UNIVERSA 800 SERVO, we took the success story of the UNIVERSA 500 SERVO and consequently enlarged it for bigger products, up to 800mm wide.
At Kallfass there is not only for this particular range new Servo-controlled film packaging machines. Pieces of furniture, insulation materials, and similar large products can also be packaged at a continuous rate without any Stop and Go. Deceleration and acceleration movements which are prone to wear and tear during the packaging process are thus eliminated, an important advantage in the packaging of large Products. With the COMPACT 1000Q also on display at Fachpack, Kallfass could show the possibilities of a large capacity shrink tunnel.

PACK EXPO / Las Vegas

Luckily the trade show visitors and clients did not all stay home in Las Vegas. In both quantity and quality was it a good show for us when we compare attendance numbers to meetings in years past.

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