Ferag AG and Kallfass - a strong partnership, worldwide

The global company Ferag AG, located in Switzerland, specializes in the development and manufacture of conveying and processing systems in the graphic arts industry and direct mail. The trusting partnership between the German packaging specialists and Ferag has proven to be a great benefit to and satisfaction of the customer.

Sleeve wrapper: Super Wrap 500 and Twin Sealer 500 are important systems in the shipping room. (Picture: Ferag AG)

These two global players realize joint projects for the printing industry around the world. The equipment for the printing centers comes from Ferag, the film packaging equipment in the shipping room at the end of the production line from Kallfass. Since November 2010, when the collaboration began, the two specialists have worked in close partnership for the benefit of the customer.

"From the extensive requirement profile that Ferag presented at the beginning of our partnership, the Super Wrap technology emerged," explains Jens Kallfass. "For a variety of proven systems that were in use at Kallfass at the time, we developed the Super Wrap 500 sleeve wrapper. The first prototype continues to prove itself to this day in a printing house in Esslingen, day after day, in a demanding printing environment," continues the CEO.

Over many years, trust has developed during jointly implemented projects and there is great mutual respect in the expertise and skills of the partners. The film packaging machines were continuously adapted and developed to the growing needs in the shipping room and are now seen as the industry's state of the art. This is also true for the recently ordered twelve packaging lines that will be supplied to and installed in Australia. Here Kallfass was again able to impressively prove its capabilities in the integration of packaging systems in production lines once again.

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