Kallfass presents previously unseen film packaging technology – the Logi Wrap 500 3D

At Interpack in Dusseldorf, the world's largest packaging exhibition, Kallfass premiered a new packaging concept that allows customers the greatest possible flexibility in the packaging process.

Film packaging machines have undergone continuous development over the years to reach their current state. Various packaging concepts such as intermittent or continuous motion side sealers   and intermittent or continuous motion sleeve wrappers have become established in the market and stood the test of time. The options for optimising these systems have become limited. The technical concept is sophisticated and due to the design and layout of the units, only marginal improvement to the packing results and packing speed is possible. The same is true for the sealing-unit serviceability, which optimises machine availability.

All packaging concepts on the market today have one thing in common. Film wrapping systems are often set-up for a specific product and its size, only the product length is variable, and only for some applications. When a product change occurs, a manual re-adjustment and adaptation of the machine to the product format is necessary. With large lot sizes, the set-up costs are less important than for small lot sizes. The amount of time needed for refitting compared to the period of productive operation does not represent an advantageous relationship, and often at peak times, no qualified employees are available to perform the adjustment work. This can lead to loss of productivity.

The engineers at Kallfass have tackled this problem and developed a new packaging concept that is modular. The result of this process was the LOGI WRAP 3D, a new kind of packaging technology with a completely new approach, providing maximum flexibility in the packaging process. The concept consists of measuring, sleeve wrapping, side sealing, suction and shrink modules.  The Logi Wrap 500 3D is able to provide the right answer to just about any packaging job. Regardless whether shipping or returns packaging, display or protective packaging (even with bubble wrap), single or multi-pack packaging, fully or sleeve wrapped , shrunk or unshrunk, the system is able to react extremely flexibly and pack the product in film according to the requirements of the job.

When the products enter the system, the measuring module determines the product dimensions and the sealing units automatically adjust themselves to the product, performing the packaging procedure in a customer plastic bag. This new machine technology is ideal for a small, flexible manufacturing process down to a lot size of one. It is suitable across industries for the widest range of products. The system also has an extremely small footprint and can be used in a product line or as a stand-alone solution.

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