Sustainability and economical energy production: Kallfass has acted!

Two new thermal power stations at Kallfass are working with an enormously high Total Efficiency of 92%

To begin with, that implies a very considerable savings in the primary energy alone due to the fact that the power generation is now internal and not from external power plants. The transfer losses through power supply lines are eliminated entirely as well.

In addition, the thermal power station operates at or above a very high total efficiency of 92%. After the principle of power-heat coupling, the self teaching electronic controls of the power station determine upon the actual situational needs the optimal combination of heat and electricity generation.

Cheap this initiative was not. The investment in the 6-digit range will, however, quickly pay itself off, and for Kallfass that is a considerable advantage as energy prices go up. “At night and during the summer months we can actually feed unused energy into the States energy grid,” Says the Company President Jens Kallfass. “And we come into the pleasure of supporting the country by way of environmentally friendly power generation.”


And not to forget: the CO² Emissions will be lowered by up to 75%. Few months after commissioning the system the result at Kallfass: absolute recommendation of any comparable systems.

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