Fully-automatic high-performance side sealer
with continuous motion sealing system

Smart Technology for more flexibility

Continuous motion side sealers for reliable and trouble free high-performance packaging. The innovative linkage of decentralized servo drives with a PC-based ELAU MAX 4 (Gen 3) control system results in high performance with an attractive pricing. Servo Jet 400 / 80 reaches a top performance of approx. 80 packs /min., Servo Jet 400 / 120 goes up to 120 packs /min., and the Servo Jet 400/170 peaks at approx. 170 packs /min. A colour Touchpanel with product data memory for various products allows quick changeovers by simply calling up the needed data from the database.

Kind of packaging:fully automatic – full overwrap
Packaging speed:up to 170 cycles/min. (machine-dependent)
Dimensions:Width of cross-seal bar: 450 mm
Max. clearance height of cross-sealer: 200 mm




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